Dr Dre Is Reportedly Making New Music For Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto- Header

Dr Dre Is Reportedly Making New Music For Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto

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Dr Dre is making new music for GTA, reckons Snoop Dogg!

Dr Dre Is Reportedly Making New Music For Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto- Inner 1
Recently, Snoop Dogg Appeared On An Interview For Rolling Stone; Where He Talks About Dr Dre And His Music

According to Dr Dre’s friend and long-time collaborator, Snoop Dogg, the former is currently working on new music for the Grand Theft Auto franchise, reports the Rolling Stone. On being pressed, the rapper reveals about his close friend that he knows for a fact that he is currently in the studio making some great music.

On the Rolling Stone episode that will be premiering tomorrow, i.e., October 29, 2021, on SiriusXM’s Volume Channel (106), and will be available as a podcast, starting November 3, 2021, the legendary rapper, Snoop Dogg says about his close friend, that Dr Dre is currently working on new music and that “some of his music is connected to the GTA game that’s coming out. So I think that that will be the way that his music will be released, through the GTA video game”.

Following the release of Compton in 2015, Dr Dre is yet to release any of his solo music. He has been working on his “fabled” next album Detox, for quite some years now. The above comment was made by Snoop Dogg as a response to a question pertaining to Detox.

The rapper’s comment on the subject has led to many speculating that is this how Dr Dre plans on releasing his next album, “through the GTA video game”, like many other artists have chosen to do, in recent years. Many have chosen games such as Fortnite, to launch their albums.

Dr Dre To Collaborate With Rockstar Games To Make New Music For The Grand Theft Auto Franchise?

Dr Dre Is Reportedly Making New Music For Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto- Inner 2

It also raises the question, which game is the rapper talking about. Is it the rumoured GTA 6, the upcoming GTA Trilogy or is it the “expanded and enhancedGTA Online version which will be arriving for the next gen consoles in March, 2022?

So far, Rockstar Games is yet to announce any new entry to the Grand Theft Auto franchise. In addition to that, the representatives on both the sides have declined to comment and refused Rolling Stone’s requests for the same. While there is very little to go on, it indeed is something to look forward to, especially for fans, if any of these possibilities are indeed true.

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Source: Rolling Stone

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