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Nintendo’s Dr. Mario World to Shut Down!

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In an official statement from Nintendo, this morning (July 28, 2021), it has been said that Dr. Mario World will shut service on November, 2021. The game was a mobile application continuation of the famous puzzle game series. As per the statement, it will no longer be in service from Monday, November 1, 2021, 6 AM UTC.

Following the shutdown of Nintendo’s first ever social networking site, the Mii-themed Miitomo, Dr Mario World becomes the company’s first ever mobile app to be discontinued. While the announcement comes as a surprise, it isn’t hard to guess why it must have happened. As per a report from SensorTower, six months into its launch, it was Nintendo’s worst performing mobile application ever.

The blame cannot be put on the developers since the company did go all out to ensure that it could be made into a potential monetizing venture instead of just an extension of the original NES gameplay. However the game never really appealed to the masses and was not worth the time to keep on continuing with it.

Following the announcement for end of service, the company, while thanking everyone who played the game, also stated that in-app purchase of diamonds in the game will also not be available for purchase from today (July 28, 2021). It further stated that following the end of service, the game will not be available and users will be able to look back on the progress they made in the game in Dr Mario World Memories. This will be a webpage that will become available to users following the game’s end of service. The announcement requests the players to check in-game notices for further details on the processes that will be followed prior to the end of service.


Read the full announcement here.

Watch GameXplain on Dr. Mario World Shutting Down

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Source: Nintendo


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