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Elden Ring: 27 Seconds of Gameplay Video Leaked Online

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Elden Ring gameplay video gets leaked on YouTube.

As is true with most upcoming video games, these days, days before it is scheduled for its release, gameplay video footage for Elden Ring was leaked online. The video was uploaded (but has since been taken down) on YouTube and consisted of about 27 seconds of gameplay.

The video in question, was uploaded by the YouTube channel, which has since then gone defunct, Games, Anime and More. While it has been taken down from YouTube, you might still be able to find it on Twitter (via @JeffGrubb) or on the sub-reddit for Elden Ring (via u/JabocShivery). The video revealed a twenty seven seconds clip from the game showing the character/player on a cliffside, somewhere on the landscape of the game.

Now, while much revealed can be revealed by a twenty seven seconds long video alone, plenty of details were still available, from the same, on closer inspection. The clip shows viewers a character standing on the side of a cliff, while they are looking out at a glowing tree. They are seen jumping on rocks and scaring off some eagles in the process. As the eagles take flight, they shed some feathers in their take-off. While it might seem much, it is indeed a very close attention to detail to the graphics, on the developers’ end.

Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer For Elden Ring

The highlight of this video snippet would most definitely be the character’s ability to pull off a standing jump. In other words, players will not have to preclude their jumps with a long run and just jump off from right where they are standing. This feature, however, had been seen by and remarked upon by many eagle eyed fans, after the trailer for the game was released.

Several had complains about the “poor quality grass” in the video. And it seems the leaker too had anticipated the same. As per the leaker, the graphics of Elden Ring in their footage is a “couple weeks old but it’s from a Xbox One and not from a new Gen console. Also, the quality downgrades even more due to capturing it using external tools”. Fans, nevertheless, were still quick to complain about how the grass on the footage was not up to the mark, as per video games standards.

We will be able to tell for sure whether the grass in Elden Ring is greener and better, or not, only on the other side of its release date. Till then we can only twiddle our thumbs till January 21, 2022, because that is when the game is scheduled for its release on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation® 5 and PlayStation® 4.

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