Epic Games Store Is Giving $10 To Anyone Who Signs Up For Their Mailing List- Header

Epic Games Store Is Giving $10 To Anyone Who Signs Up For Their Mailing List

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Epic Games Store is offering $ 10 to anyone who signs up for the mailing list.

The Epic Games Store is exceptionally generous to its patrons. What with their weekly giveaways, and discounts. This time around, they are giving away $ 10 in-store coupons to anyone who signs up for their mailing list.

The credit will also be available to anyone and everyone who have already subscribed to their mailing list. This $ 10 in-store coupon can be utilized by the patrons on purchasing any game that is available on the Epic Games Store and is worth $ 14.99 or more. The coupon, however, can only be redeemed for purchase of the minimum game. It cannot be redeemed for non-game content such as season passes, DLC, or other such content.

This is not the first time that the Epic Games Store is doing this sort of thing. In the past too, they had come up with such giveaways as well. For their Holiday Sale in 2020, they had included $ 10 coupons for their patrons. These coupons would replenish themselves once they were used.

Epic Games Store Offering $10 For Subscribing To Mailing List

Epic Games Store Is Giving $10 To Anyone Who Signs Up For Their Mailing List- Inner

In the past, all one had to do, to get access to such giveaways and more, was to create an account on the store. However, this is the first time that only having an account is not going to cut the deal. Patrons have to sign up their email IDs for their mailing list, in order to become eligible for this offer.

As for how to put this $ 10 in-store coupon to good use, the Epic Games Store is having the annual Halloween Sale. The sale has already started on October 18, 2021 and it will be going on till November 1, 2021. Store wide discounts of up to 75% off, on titles will be up for grabs. So what are you waiting for? $ 10 for just sharing your email address, is not a bad bargain at all, we think.

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Source: Epic Games Store

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