‘Exhausted Man’ A New Video Game That Lets Players Be Tired Online As Well - Header

‘Exhausted Man’ A New Video Game That Lets Players Be Tired Online As Well

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Exhausted Man debuted on the Steam Next Fest.

The Steam Next Fest, previously known as the Steam Game Festival just concluded on October 7, 2021 after its week long run. And as promised by Valve, players got to acquaint themselves with quite a few free demos of upcoming games for PC; that seemed very promising. Amongst them was one that caught our immediate attention.

Video games have often been known to be the best escape from real life as well as the best imitation of the real life. We guess that is what had us fascinated with the Exhausted Man. The game is uncannily similar to the fatigue that most of us feel on a day to day basis, in our daily lives, and takes it all to a whole new level.

Exhausted Man At Steam Next Fest October, 2021

Developers Candleman Games had taken to their official Twitter account to announce the game’s appearance on the Steam Next Fest. In their tweet, they had said, “Exhausted Man will participate in the Steam Next Festival from October 1 to 7 (even though he is exhausted). Try out the free demo and tell us your thoughts”.

In the game, the developers are playing with the laws of physics and the protagonist who is tired and exhausted. Yet he refuses to sleep and carries on with his tasks, crawling around. And that is the only objective of the game. The game hits too close to home and that is probably why we keep wanting to go back to it, again and again. While relatable, the game is a sarcastic nod to what has now become a stark reality for most of us, going from day to day, accomplishing tasks, while losing sleep and not getting enough rest.

The Steam Next Fest had been going on since October 1, 2021. It gave players an opportunity to try their hand at some of the games that will be launching on the platform, in the upcoming months, before they took the plunge and bought them. These events often give the players a chance to try their hand at games that would not normally go for, if they had to pay for them.

The Steam Next Fest (October 1, 2021 To October 7, 2021)

Events such as these have also given the developers a chance to connect with the players directly and their feedback on the games being showcased, on a greater level. Such events have become more relevant since the Covid-19 pandemic struck last year and health and safety protocols called for a stop on gaming events and conferences.

Exhausted Man developed and published by Candleman Games from Beijing features a blue haired, bone tired man, who refuses to sleep. He drags himself around to accomplish his day to day tasks and errands. A free demo for the game is now available for players to access on Steam.

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Source: Steam