Facebook Experiences Massive 7 Hour Long Outage; Effects Felt Everywhere- Header

Facebook Experiences Massive 7 Hour Long Outage; Effects Felt Everywhere

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Facebook was down for seven hours yesterday and its effects were felt greatly everywhere.

The social networking giant Facebook experienced its biggest ever outage. The social networking site and all of its associated businesses, namely, WhatsAppInstagram and even Oculus were all entirely offline for seven long hours.

The social media on the other hand, was in a complete tizzy. With Facebook and its associated businesses offline, netizens flocked over to Twitter to discuss possible reasons behind this outage. The Internet was flooded with memes surrounding this incident.

The seven hour outage gave everyone who accesses Facebook or its associated applications, a taste of what life would be like had Mark Zuckerberg chosen to pursue a different career path. However, life was not all hunky and dory. Several businesses were greatly impacted. And for every minute that it was offline, the company lost an approximate $ 222,000. This outage was possibly one of the longest in recent history.

Massive Facebook Outage Leaves Many In a Limbo

Facebook Experiences Massive 7 Hour Long Outage; Effects Felt Everywhere- Inner- 2

It was during an outage like this that we can correctly put a finger on how tangled our lives presently have become with the social media platform. And it is most definitely a lot more than we would ever like to admit to. With the company completely offline, users were not only able to access their accounts on the platform but they were also locked out from any third party applications that they were accessing using their Facebook accounts.

Like many others, the effects were felt by the gaming community all over the world. This included users of the Oculus VR, players of games like FIFA Mobile and Pokémon Go amongst others that allow players to log in using their Facebook accounts.

Last year, it was announced that the Facebook accounts will be inextricably linked to the Oculus VR devices. And deleting the account on the social networking site would amount to deletion of access to the Oculus games that have been purchased, as well. Thus, while we can still think of the two to be separate entities, they are, in reality, one and the same.

Oculus took to their official Twitter account to confirm, with a tweet, that “some players” were facing troubles while accessing their products and apps, knowing all too well that it was all people and not just some. They stated that they were “working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible”. This outage was just a glimpse of how it is going to be if the social networking site is removed from existence.

Amongst others, FIFA Mobile too took to their official Twitter account, to address the players. In a tweet, the acknowledged the issue and said that they were aware of the problem and stated that players were unable to access their Facebook linked accounts as a result of the outage. They further went on and add that “we hope they resolve it shortly”.

Ninantic too acknowledged the problems being faced by the players, who access Pokémon Go using the credentials on their Facebook account, with a tweet from their official Twitter account. The company said that they were “looking into error reports”. They even apologized to their players, although it wasn’t even their fault to being with.

Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Lost an Estimated $ 222,000 Every Minute It Was Down Last Night

Facebook Experiences Massive 7 Hour Long Outage Effects Felt Everywhere Inner 1 1

Facebook has on the other hand is being very stoic about this outage and hasn’t revealed much about why the outage happened or even provided any details about it. In a post from their official Twitter account (Irony, much?) they acknowledged that there is a problem and again “some people” are facing troubles. They said that they are working towards getting things “back to normal as quickly as possible”. They too apologize for any trouble caused, in the meantime.

The outage has since been resolved and Facebook along with all its associated businesses are back online again. However, speculations are still on about what might have actually caused such a massive outage. The best guess so far, is that the outage must have been caused by a DNS issue or some sort. The Domain Name System or the DNS could very well be compared to the Internet equivalent of the address books in real life.

Speculations were rife that it was a malicious act committed by someone by deleting all the DNS records for Facebook and all of its products. However, it still remains to be confirmed whether that indeed was the issue or not. As for now, whatever caused the outage, it surely got some of us to catch up on some much needed sleep last night. Or did you find something else to occupy your time with?

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