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Far Cry 6 In-game QR Codes Tease A Far Cry Spin Off?

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Far Cry 6 released on October 6, 2021 and features hidden QR Codes, in-game.

Far Cry 6 just released on October 6, 2021 and a new Far Cry spin off might already be in the cards. Or so the players are discovering as they start on the game.

As the game progresses, players are discovering QR Codes that are hidden all across the game. When scanned, these codes are revealing teaser videos of what seems to be a new spin off far Cry game. It could be a battle royale or survival game of sorts.

Far Cry 6: The Worldwide Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Far Cry 6 developed and published by Ubisoft, released on October 7, 2021, and keen eyed fans were soon spotting out these mysteriously hidden QR Codes that were spread all across the game, as they progressed. Scanning these codes with a phone revealed a teaser video of sorts; that could indicate a new game in the franchise. However, it is still unknown when this new game will be happening.

It was pointed out by YouTuber JorRaptor in the video Is Ubisoft Teasing A New Free To Play Far Cry inside Far Cry 6? (Far Cry 6 Gameplay). The QR Codes have been spotted by several keen eyed players while digging around in Yara. The codes are present in certain specific places such as on wooden crates.

As per JorRaptor scanning the codes brought up short teaser videos. Amongst the videos the most cryptic one could very well be one featuring a cartoonish revolver chamber character, a cat in armour attacking either a soldier or a player. The map featured several counters that might suggest a multiplayer and wildlife. Three red arrows on it suggest that it might be a multiplayer game of some sort.

JorRaptor's Far Cry 6 Gameplay

While JorRaptor thinks that it is a battle royale game, it could also be this new game could be a multiplayer, survival game, with the emphasis on the animals, which is also very highly likely. A location featured on the map called Sky Temple, makes players reminiscent of Far Cry 4. Players will be able to revisit the location in an upcoming DLC for Far Cry 6 but it wouldn’t most probably be multiplayer.

It still would be a long shot as to whether this new game would materialize or not. However, we can only say that a new Far Cry game would only be anticipated with great anticipation and excitement. As of now, we still have our hands full with Far Cry 6, what about you?

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