EA Confirms FIFA Ultimate Team Trader Account Hacks- Header

EA Confirms FIFA Ultimate Team Trader Account Hacks

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EA has confirmed that some high profile FIFA Ultimate Team trader accounts were hacked and had been cleared of their coins and points, worth thousands of points.

EA Confirms FIFA Ultimate Team Trader Account Hacks- Inner

Electronic Arts has recently confirmed that some of its FIFA Ultimate Team trader accounts were hacked. Despite speculation that FIFA and Electronic Arts might part ways very soon in the future, the football simulation game remains as successful and popular as always.

The FIFA series of video games is no stranger, when it comes to controversy. And the FIFA Ultimate Team is a main contributor towards this. The Ultimate Team is a game mode that allows the players of the game to build and manage a football team of their own. The entire gameplay of this mode depends entirely on the loot boxes of the players.

It was only recently that Eurogamer had reported that some high profile FIFA Ultimate Team trader accounts had been hacked, with the means of phishing. The hackers had wiped these accounts clean of all the coins and FIFA points and estimated to be worth thousands of pounds.

As of now, the number of such hacked accounts number at less than fifty. And it has been reported that Electronic Arts is working with the owners of these hacked account, in order to restore all that has been stolen.

These has been a lot of controversy and questions surrounding how EA designs and constructs its games, as a whole, in the FIFA series of video games. This started after leaks revealed that the key in the developer’s design philosophy for the game, stemmed from pushing for the infamous loot boxes. This in turn, stems from the fact that these boxes in turn generate lucrative revenues. However, controversial or not, the loot boxes are of immense value, even for those outside EA as well.

Several FIFA Ultimate Team Trader Accounts Hacked: EA Confirms

Ever since the FIFA Ultimate Team mode had been added to the franchise, it has spawned around itself, an elaborate and widespread black market. It was only last year that an FUT bot farm involving thousands of PlayStation 4s, was shut down, in Ukraine. This is but only one instance of just how far people are willing to go, all for the sake of these loot boxes.

While EA has been working towards cleaning up quite a few messes that the black market centred round its FIFA franchise has spawned, it is still no close to shutting it down, completely.

As it stands now, the FIFA Ultimate Team, ever since it was added to the game, has been tangled in one controversy or another. And while EA has managed to solve the ones that come to light, it seems that through it all it is only the nature of controversy changes.

So, given the circumstances, it might only seem logical to ask that why keep it. The answer that comes to mind is that the revenue that the developers of the game generates from it is worth going through all that trouble that comes with it. And given the troubled past of the FIFA Ultimate Team mode, it only leaves one wondering just how much revenue it brings in for EA.

As of now, one thing that can be said with absolute certainty is the fact that going forward, no matter what direction the FIFA series of video games take, as long as it brings in the insane amount of revenue that it does, the FIFA Ultimate Team will continue featuring in them, in one form or another.

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Source: Electronic Arts

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