Formula 1 hosting Virtual Grand Prix Series

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Due to COVID-19 pandemic, Formula 1 postponed all its races. But the racing association recently announced to host their F1 Esports Grand Prix series online to watch it virtually until May. The tournaments of Australia, Bahrain, Monaco, Vietnam and China is cancelled and the Spanish and Dutch Grand Prix is postponed till next announcement.


To the fans around the world missing the racing action, this F1 Esports Virtual Grand Prix Series is a treat to watch, until we see cars back on track. This whole series is dedicated to bring entertainment and fun experience in spite of the adversities the world is facing today.


Guanyu Zhou- Formula 2 racer says “It’s a simulator that you can get as close to the reality as possible,” All cars in the racing are set to give same performance features with anti-lock brakes and functional control of vehicle.


The fans can check out this racing F1 coverage on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and or the F1 website (

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