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Frostpunk 2 Announcement Trailer is Out!

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After an amazing success around the globe, 11 Bit Studios are back with Frostpunk. This city-building survival game was released in April 2008 on PC. Since its release, the game has been showered with fans and awards. The game was also nominated for BAFTA. Today, in a press release, 11 Bit Studios announced the games’ sequel Frostpunk 2.

The games’ plot is set 30 years after its first original storyline where the societies that were built on coal will now be built on oil. In original storyline, the player is assigned as a leader in 19th century (alt universe) where the player must build a city to survive during volcanic winter. Resource managements, survival choices and exploring the area outside were one of the several features to undertake which had their own different challenges.

The trailer of Frostpunk 2 had a lot to say as well. We see that the previous leader, who is tied-up and frozen to death in snow might be an indication that the game will be as gruesome as the previous version. And narration also drops some hints ; “The world turned against us, yet we survived. We bought heat into our homes, We healed our sick, we fed our children. Some say we broke our promises, some say we betrayed our brothers, some say we abandoned god. yet it is us, not them, who bought us this far and those who make sacrifices today, will reap the rewards of tomorrow”.

Watch Frostpunk 2 Announcement Trailer Here!

However, the release date has not been showcased but you still can wish list the game on GOG, Steam and Epic Games Store. And we highly recommend you to give Frostpunk game a try, it will be free to play from Aug 12 to Aug 16 on Steam.

Wishlist Frostpunk 2 Here!

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