God of War Ragnarök Finally Gets A Trailer; First Look Reveals A War With Asgard- Header

God of War Ragnarök Finally Gets A Trailer; First Look Reveals A War With Asgard

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God of War Ragnarök finally gets a reveal trailer during Sony’s PlayStation Showcase 2021.

Sony‘s Santa Monica Studio had officially announced God of War Ragnarök was on its way, almost a year ago. Fans were waiting with bated breath for more details on the game. We finally got our first look at the game today and Sony did not disappoint.

Sony’s PlayStation Showcase 2021 was something that fans were anticipating a lot! This was because it promised to show off games being released during the holiday season and “beyond”. Fans were naturally excited and hoping that the “beyond” meant that more details could be revealed about the big 2022 games like Horizon Forbidden West and the next instalment of God of War franchise.

God of War Ragnarök: PlayStation Showcase 2021 — Reveal Trailer

As is evident from the trailer, the game, like its predecessors, will be witnessing a series of conflicts with the gods, and this time with the Norse pantheon. Thor and Freya will be the main antagonists in this instalment, leaving many to ponder about the role that Odin, the King of the Norse Gods will be playing in this.

The dual weapon wielding Kratos and his now quite grown up son Atreus will be back again to wreak havoc amongst the gods, like they had in the past. The trailer also reveals that the duo is on a mission for a very important ally, Tyr, the Norse God of War. A significant part of the game is indicated at in the trailer when Atreus asks who Loki is. Thus, also hinting at his “true heritage”!

While several questions about the game still remain unanswered, and Sony has still not announced the release date for God of War Ragnarök, fans can still remain hopeful that the game might be releasing in 2022. As far as first reveals go, this one couldn’t have been better and left us all wanting for more. God of War Ragnarök will release for PlayStation® 5 and PlayStation® 4.

God of War Ragnarök: PlayStation Showcase 2021 — Official Gameplay Trailer

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Source: PlayStation Showcase 2021

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