Google Announces That Its Android Games are Arriving On Windows In 2022- Header

Google Announces That Its Android Games are Arriving On Windows In 2022

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Google announced at The Game Awards 2021, that many of its Android games will be arriving on PC, soon in 2022.

The night of The Game Awards is usually one that is filled with some explosive reveals, some amazing announcements and a whole lot of surprises. However, amongst this year’s quota of explosive surprises from last night/this morning’s event (depending on where you watched the live stream from, really) there was one we had not really expected, making it that much better!

At this year’s Game Awards, Google announced that it will be bringing many of its Android games to Windows, in 2022. Now, while this is already possible, it is quite a hassle. As of now, for playing the Android games on the PC, one has to either fiddle with BlueStacks or stream it from the phone to the PC. However, Google has announced that players will now be able to natively download games and play them on their PC without getting any third party applications involved or even their phones. They will be able to enjoy a completely immersive experience on their PC.

Google Will Be Bringing Its Android Games To Windows In 2022

The announcement was pretty short and not much was revealed. It is therefore unclear whether all, most or only some the games on the Play Store would be getting the PC compatibility treatment in 2022. The desktop version of the “Google Play Store” application will be compatible for all computers that run Windows 10 or higher. Playing the games on the PC, via this app, will not disrupt the playing experience on the phone. It will, however, enable the players to switch seamlessly between the two platforms, and at the same time, sync all the data and keep everything up to date.

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Source: The Game Awards on Twitter

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