GTA 6 Rumored To Be In Development As Is Red Dead Redemption Remastered Edition- Header

GTA 6 Rumored To Be In Development As Is Red Dead Redemption Remastered Edition

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GTA 6 and Red Dead redemption Remastered Edition is both rumoured to be in development.

GTA 6 Rumored To Be In Development As Is Red Dead Redemption Remastered Edition- Inner

As per a reliable source for leaks concerning leaks from the GTA series, Chris from Rockstar Mag’, new information has emerged surrounding Red Dead Redemption Remastered Edition as well as GTA 6.

As per Chris from the Rockstar Mag’, GTA 6 and Red Dead Redemption Remastered Edition are both currently in “development hell”. Chris elaborates that the development for the game, started once again, right after Dan Houser left the company. In addition to that, he also stated that Take Two wanted to announce the game, back in 2020, itself.

However, Rockstar kept making monumental changes to the game’s storyline and the entire GTA 6 project is a complete mess. He added that this is perhaps the most chaotic game that Rockstar has ever made till date. And this is after taking into consideration the original Red Dead Redemption, as well.

In his video, Chris also mentioned that the company is also working on a Red Dead Redemption Remastered Edition, as well. This remaster will also be like the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: Definitive Edition. This implies that the remaster will not only include a “resolution increase” but also include new graphical features as well. Chris believes that this remaster, however, will not be releasing any time soon.

While we are as excited as you are, we would like to tell you that this new bit is just another rumour. And while we have had our hopes up for quite some time now, waiting for a new game in the GTA series, as is the case with all rumours, we would advise some caution, and ask you to treat this bit of rumour as just that until a more concrete information is revealed by the developers or the publishers of the two games in question, here.

GTA 6 & Red Dead Redemption Remastered Edition Under Development?

Below are the links to the two videos where Chris talks about the details that we have mentioned here (skip to 14:23 in video 1 and 4:32 in video 2). You can check the videos embedded here or you can head over to YouTube, to check them out as well. Please note that the videos are QnA sessions that Chris is having with his viewers. The purpose of whatever he says here are to clarify his opinions on the questions that he is being asked. Lastly, please take note that bot the videos are in French.

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Source: Rockstar Mag’ on YouTube

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