YouTuber Builds Hamburghini A Real Life Ridable Minecraft Pig- Header

YouTuber Builds “Hamburghini” A Real Life Ridable Minecraft Pig

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Hamgurghini can move at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour.

A YouTuber going by the name Electo has created Hamburghini, a rideable pig, based on the pigs from Minecraft. This real life, ridable pig that can move at speed of up to 20 mile per hour, is controlled, (un)surprisingly, by a carrot hanging from a stick.

Electo is a twenty year old college student from the United States of America. His YouTube channel is filled with more such videos where he constructs things. Remarkable amongst these are a Working Imposter From Among Us, a Novation Launchpad From Scratch, a Working Minecraft Creeper amongst many other such interesting projects.

Electo’s ridable Minecraft pig, very aptly named, Hamburghini has an in built infrared sensor. This allows the pig to follow the carrot hanging from the stick, which also acts as its controller. All it takes to get the pig to move is move the carrot/controller in the desired direction.

YouTuber Builds “Hamburghini” A Real Life Ridable Minecraft Pig

A camera that has the ability to track various colours, is used by the creator, here, in an effort to get the pig to follow the carrot. This bit of engineering was very clever and quite effective, seeing how the creator really put the pig through its phases. The end result is that this real life ridable pig moves a lot like the pigs from Minecraft. Electo took only a few months to build his pig. The Hamburghini supports full 360 degrees motion. 

Electo tests the pig at various phases. At 60% charge, it moves at a consistent speed of 16 miles per hour. At 100% the Hamburghini even sped up to a speed of 20 miles per hour. This is absolutely a respectable speed for a ride on a pig. With a little more work, the pig can be expected to move at higher speeds as well.

Electo took out the pig for a ride and some fun with friends. The Hamburghini even won some races between its creator and friends. Its rider even took it for a ride through a McDonald’s drive through. However, the pig and its rider were both denied entry.

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Source: YouTube

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