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7 Indie Games For PlayStation® That We Think You Will Love

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Indie games often take us by surprise. Last time, we recommended some of our favourites from the genre, for PC. This time we bring you some favourites for PlayStation.

The indie games are often the ones that take us by the most surprise. We often come across more than our fair share of expensive, big budget blockbuster games by well-established development studios. However, there is a host of amazing games, developed often by independent studios and individuals which are also equally, if not more amazing!

So, while we were trying to think of ways to battle mid-week blues, we decided to dig into the minefield that we like to call the Internet. And this time we went looking for indie games for PlayStation®. We weren’t disappointed because we found quite a few that were really noteworthy! From the ones we liked, we bring to you a few that we think you too will love!

Here is our pick of indie games for PlayStation® that we think you will love.

Arise — A Simple Story

Experience a bittersweet, emotional journey that takes the players along to explore the story of two people and their lives in Arise — A Simple Story. Witness memories coming alive, live through moments of happiness, overcome hardships and bend time according to your will. This story of sorrows, joy is sure to tug at your heart strings. This is one indie game that we highly recommend to you.

Indie Game: Arise — A Simple Story


If you are looking for a laidback, whimsical and quirky adventure, we suggest you head over to Snaktooth Island, solve environmental puzzles, gorge on delicious critters that give you different abilities and uncover the mysteries of this wondrous island. This adorable game is as good for kids as it is for adults, looking for some light hearted gaming. Add to that an adorable theme song by Kero Kero Bonito. We think Bugsnax is a really good indie game to snack on!

Indie Game: Bugsnax

Developers: Young Horses

Publishers: Young Horses

Released On: 2020

Get Bugsnax For PlayStation® Here

Disco Elysium — The Final Cut

Taking place in a city that is suffering the after effects of a war that had happened decades before the game begins, Disco Elysium: The Final Cut is a role playing game. Players undertake the role of a detective who is amnesiac. Their mission is to uncover a murder mystery. Winner of several accolades, this is one indie game that you should try, at least once.

Indie Game: Disco Elysium — The Final Cut

Don't Starve Together

Don’t Starve Together is a multi-player, standalone expansion/sequel of the wilderness, survival game Don’t Starve. Gather twigs, branches, food and work towards building your own encampment in this game. With a twisted sense of rumour, this game tugged on our interests and we had to include it in our list. We bet this is one of the most intriguing indie games that you will come across.

Indie Game: Don't Starve Together

No Man's Sky

Embark on a journey that takes you to the very centre of the galaxy and unravel the true nature of the cosmos and its secrets in No Man’s Sky. Prepare and upgrade your ship all while dealing with fierce pirates and very hostile creatures all bent on derailing your mission and survive. While it did not initially get much acclaim on release, this indie game has indeed improved upon itself, and we loved it!

Indie Game: No Man's Sky

The Blinding Of Isaac: Rebirth

Indie Game: The Birth of Isaac: Rebirth

The Blinding of Issac: Rebirth is based on the Old Testament’s story. It is an independent rouge like, indie game developed by Edmund McMillen. The story revolves around the biblical story of The Blinding of Isaac. Although based on a premise from The Holy Bible, this game is in no way educational, preachy or even tries to convey a message through its gameplay, just a simple, well-executed action adventure RPG.

Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game is, in our opinion, one of the most underrated indie game titles that we came across in our search. With minimalistic art design, the game delivers some very pleasing visuals. The game’s objective is to take control of a goose that has been let loose in a village. Pillage, pull pranks, steal items and basically wreak havoc, as much as you want, in this game. We prescribe the game to anyone who is looking for a stress reliever after a long day at work.

Indie Game: Untitled Goose Game

So, these were some of our top picks for indie games for PlayStation® that we loved. We hope that you too will like spending your time with them. There are several more games from the genre that are equally amazing.

Have you tried any of these games yet? What are your favourite go to indie games for PlayStation®? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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