Insomniac Teases New Wolverine Game At The 2021 PlayStation Showcase- Header

Insomniac Teases New Wolverine Game At The 2021 PlayStation Showcase

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Marvel’s Wolverine to be mature in its tone, confirms Brian Horton, a Creative Director, Insomniac Games.

The PlayStation Showcase 2021 was as exciting as it was anticipated to be. With some updates on games we already knew were in the pipeline, gamers were teased with glimpses from games that we didn’t yet know about!

One such game to be revealed at the PlayStation Showcase 2021 was Marvel’s Wolverine! Fans were stoked about the much anticipated revealing of Spiderman 2 for PS5, during the showcase. However, getting to continue Peter Parker and Miles Morales’ adventures was not what caught everyone off the hook.

What took everyone by surprise, and a pleasant one at that, was the teaser for a brand new video game, focused entirely on one of everyone’s most beloved member of the X-Men, Wolverine. The trailer for the game was a very brief CGI one. However, it was long enough for fans to deduce a good idea of what the tone of the game would be like.

Maarvel's Wolverine: Announcement Teaser At The PlayStation Showcase 2021

The trailer got the fans asking quite a few questions. This included questions about the tone as well as the size of the game. In answer to these questions, Brian Horton, one of the creative directors at Insomniac Games, stated that the game would be mature in tone. He also stated that it was going to be a bigger, “full size” game.

This confirmation has opened up several possibilities and fans too are up for speculations as well. The biggest and most discussed amongst them are how brutal and powerful a weapon can Logan’s claws be, especially in the game. All of the speculations leading up to fans discussing the more violent nature and interpretations of Wolverine’s character.

The discussions and the speculations could very well lead to the game getting an M-rating. However, currently it is all speculation and not much can be said about the game. To remind our readers, the last Marvel game to get an M-rating was Deadpool, released in 2013. And the last superhero game to get an M-rating was Batman: Arkham Knight, released in 2015.

As fans discuss the possibility of this game getting an M-rating, we can only hope that if this is true then it is also highly likely that some of the more mature Wolverine comics’ contents could also be later on adapted into video games as well.

Marvel's Wolverine: Announcement Teaser for PlayStation® 5

Marvel’s Wolverine is currently being developed by Insomniac Games for PlayStation® 5.

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Source: PlayStation Showcase 2021

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