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League Of Legends’ Jinx Arrives On Fortnite Next Week

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Jinx, will be arriving on Fortnite to celebrate the release of Arcane, on Netflix next week.

League Of Legends' Jinx To Arrive On Fortnite- Inner

For the past couple of years, Fortnite has witnessed several collaborations. And, Epic Games has, in the past, teamed up with some of the best that the world of entertainment and gaming, for the same, as well.

Past collaborations have seen the company partnering up with companies such as Microsoft, Capcom, Marvel, Sony, Balenciaga and even DC, to name a few. The company has also collaborated with several celebrities, such as Drake and LeBron James, amongst others.

As for the ongoing season, Chapter 2 Season 8, of Fortnite, the game has so far seen quite a few collaborations. This includes Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield skins from Capcom’s Resident Evil, a new Batman skin, and the game has even seen characters from the recently released Dune movie.

Now, with the new League of Legends inspired Netflix TV Series, Arcane releasing next week, it seems Epic Games have partnered up with Riot Games to bring Jinx to Fortnite.

Jinx, Voiced By Ella Prunell, Will The Main Protagonist In Netflix's Arcane

In the Netflix series, Arcane, Jinx, voiced by Ella Prunell, will be the main protagonist. She will be joined by a host of different other characters from the League of Legends characters such as Caitlyn (voiced by Katie Leung), Jayce (voiced by Kevin Alejandro), Vi (voiced by Hailee Steinfeld) and Viktor (voiced by Harry Lloyd), amongst others. Check out the entire list of characters and the actors voicing them, right here.

Arcane is being financed by Riot Games. This is being done, in order to allow the developers to maintain their creative freedom and take the show along the trajectory that they want to. It will also let them expand the characters and the game’s universe in the direction that they want, keeping it as close to the game that players have loved for so long. Arcane arrives on Netflix next week. The series is set to have three episodes, scheduled for release on November 6, 2021, November 13, 2021, and November 20, 2021.

Jinx’s arrival on Fortnite will mark Epic Games’ first collaboration with a competitive game that is esports focused.

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