LG’s New 1618 Aspect Ratio DualUp Monitor Could Be The Ultimate Dream For Multitaskers - Header

LG’s New 16:18 Aspect Ratio DualUp Monitor Could Be The Ultimate Dream For Multitaskers

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You read that right! LG’s new DualUp monitor does indeed have a 16:18 Aspect Ratio.

In case you were just about fed up with your regular monitor with the respectable 16:9 aspect ratio, LG might just have an answer for you. The company has unveiled its uniquely shaped DualUp monitor.

As per the company, the DualUp monitor’s design has been touted as “a completely new format in the monitor market”, as was reported by The Verge. The unique 16:18 aspect ratio, LG has claimed that the monitor will give its user “the same screen real estate as two 21.5-inch displays and has a vertical split view function that lets users see more in one glance”.

Measuring a 27.6 inches on the diagonal, the DualUp monitors will be offering the same screen space as would two conventional 21.5 inch monitors would do, thus doing away with the need to stack up two monitors vertically one on top of the other. And that is exactly how this new monitor looks like.

The DualUp monitor has a 2560×2880 resolution, peaking at about 400 nits of brightness and covers up ninety eight percent of the DCI-P3 color gamut. In addition to that the monitor will also come with the Ergo stand from LG. This stand has been designed to clamp up to the surface of most tables and desks.

LG Has Yet To Disclose The Price Range For Its Dualup Monitors

LG’s New 1618 Aspect Ratio DualUp Monitor Could Be The Ultimate Dream For Multitaskers - Inner

It seems that this new monitor’s design is directed for the more creative and professional users rather than the gamers. This is because the monitor, with its unique design, is more suited for those with a need to multitask. The monitor’s aspect ratio means that it will be taller than it is wide, thus meaning more screen space and hence lesser scrolling. In addition to that, the nearly square shape of the monitor will even reduce the strain that computer usage usually puts on a user.

Along with the DualUp monitors LG has also announced a new, more conventional monitor design, the 4K 32 inches UltraFine display. This new monitor will have what the company calls to be its “first Nano IPS Black panel”. According to LG, the UltraFine will be able to output “realistic and nuanced black tones”.

Both of these new monitors from LG will include two HDMI ports, two downstream USB-C ports and one upstream USB-C port (for the computer). However, they are not Thunderbolt ports. These monitors will, through USB power delivery, will be able to charge external devices, such as laptops, at up to 96 Watts.

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Source: The Verge

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