An Extremely Rare Version of Minecraft Alpha Was Recently Discovered! - Header 1

An Extremely Rare Version of Minecraft Alpha Was Recently Discovered!

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Since year 2009 when Minecraft was first released, the game saw tons of updates and over the years fan base and game, both grew exponentially. The game was originally on a java build where it went on multiple stages of development in 2009. While working on the game on Alpha stage for over an year, they did send updates, sometimes as a secret surprise, to its players as well.

In these secret updates, which were typically released on Fridays, one of such versions named 1.1.1 was out for its users. Amongst die hard fans, this was a major update as it has some of the most important things for the game such as fishing rods and ducklings. However, this update had a major bug which led to grey screen, so the developers quickly got together and released another build within 3 hours and 25 minutes. The build version 1.1.2 did fix the bugs present but 1.1.1 remained as a prized possession for fans as it was available for a limited period of time. The update is termed as so rare that fans have been searching for this build for over a decade now.

Cut-to 2021, a twitter user @lunasorcery wrote a thread where she explains how she got her way to finding version 1.1.1 and why this particular version has called as holy grail by many Minecraft players. She wrote ‘Never delete anything’. Do give her tweet a read as she has written about her journey to version1.1.1.


Click here to check here tweets thread.

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