Gorgeous New MMORPG BitCraft Pre-Alpha Tests To Start This Fall Sign Ups Open Now- Header

Gorgeous New MMORPG, BitCraft: Pre-Alpha Tests To Start This Fall, Sign Ups Open Now

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BitCraft, a brand new MMORPG is on the way and the pre-alpha tests are starting soon.

A new sandbox MMORPG, BitCraft will soon be arriving. With elements drawn from games such as Valheim, it promises to bring every single player into a “gigantic” world that has been procedurally generated.

Players will be able to hunt, farm, build villages and basically do everything that they can do in any other survival games that are available currently. The game promises cross play, in its world, that hosts each and every single player.

Sign-ups are now live and open on its website for anyone willing to try it during its pre-alpha tests. For players who sign-up for this phase of testing will be eligible for claiming one secret limited item.

BitCraft: The Official Announcement 4K Trailer

The tests will be held in waves. This is being done in order to test the core mechanics of the game as well as to gather feedbacks from the players. The game will be available for multiple platforms. However, the pre-alpha tests will first be arriving for PC first.

BitCraft developed by Clockwork Labs will soon be available for its pre-alpha tests. Along with the announcement for the pre-alpha tests, the developers have also released an in-engine announcement trailer. The trailer serves to showcase the different activities that players can participate in, in the game as well as the games art styles.

Check out the stunning visuals of the game in the latest trailer. Let us know how you like it, in the comments below.

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Source: BitCraft