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Mobile Game Developers In India Are Pivoting To eSports For The Next Big Break

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More and more mobile game developers in India are turning to the eSports industry to look for their next big break.

Mr. Racer from Chennai Games will soon be having an eSports mode. This mode will allow the players to participate in tournaments as well as conduct them.

The game developers based out of Tamil Nadu, will become one of India’s first to adopt the new eSports Software Development Kit (SDK) from the unicorn gaming start up, MPL. This kit, for mobile game developers, was released last month.

Following the boom that came with the Covid-19 pandemic, there is an increase in the number of gaming firms in India. Chennai Games is just one instance amongst many such developers that are now turning towards the eSports industry, for the success of their games.

Earlier this year, the CEO and co-founder of Nextwave Multimedia, Rajendra P. R., had organized a few small tournaments on a proprietary eSports mode, for World Cricket Championship 3 (WCC 3), a game developed and published by Nextwave Multimedia. Soon after, a bigger tournament, sponsored by Red Bull, was organized.

Speaking about the tournament, Rajendra stated that on seeing interest from the gamers, Nextwave scaled up its module and build tools that would appeal to operators of large tournaments. According to Rajendra, these tools not only allow a larger number of players to compete but also allows them to change their camera angles while they are streaming a match.

eSports Gaining Prominence In India

Nextwave Multimedia’s next plan will be to tap into MPL’s eSports Software Development Kit. Elaborating on it, Rajendra says, “MPL’s eSports SDK is under final stages of production and testing. There are certain eSports related customizations that we wanted in our game and the SDK enables that. This was also an opportunity to work alongside a big player and create more tournament opportunities for our fans. We think it will help us scale our audience”.

It was only a few years back, when the industry was considered to be without prospects, in India. However, in India, the gaming generates a revenue of about $ 1.5 billion. According to a report from Boston Consulting Group (BCG), published on November 25, 2021, this figure is expected to treble itself, by 2025.

According to the BCG report, about eighty six per cent of the Indian gaming market is constituted by the mobile gaming. The interest in eSports in the country keeps growing as games such as PUBG Mobile rake in crores of rupees, in the form of tournament prize pool money.

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Source: Mint

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