National Video Game Museum under threat

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The National Videogame Museum is facing threat of permanent closure as the city enters lockdown to supress COVID-19 spread.


As the orders issued by the UK government, the NVM closed its centre to protect all its staff and visitors. But now, the closing put uncertainty on the viability of museum without the cash-flow from tourists.


The organization shared a video on the official Twitter account stating an urgent appeal to preserve the only museum devoted to Video Games.


“We need your help”

national meuseum twitter

The National Videogame Museum was opened in November 2018, and thereafter carried out thousands of visitors from schools, universities, etc.


Now British Game Institute is seeking for funds from video game companies and associates, to ensure the sustainability of the museum.


The BGI said this new charity will help video games to inspire next generation. As we have no other protective net to support the museum.