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Netflix Acquires Independent Video Games Developers Night School Studio

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Netflix announces that it has acquired independent game developer, Night School Studio.

Independent game developers Night School Studio, reputed for developing titles that are narrative driven, such as Afterparty and Oxenfree. The studio becomes the first game development studio that has been acquired by the video streaming giant.

About the acquisition of Night School Studio by Netflix, vice president of game development, Mike Verdu, writes that their “commitment to artistic excellence and proven track record make them invaluable partners as we build out the creative capabilities and library of Netflix games together”. Talking about the streaming giant’s future plans, he says that the plan is to add to their platform “exclusive games designed for every kind of gamer and any level of play”.

It has also been announced that the gaming service will be included along with the membership subscription for the streaming service and it will have no in app purchases or ads. So, members will be able to avail both the gaming services as well as the streaming services at the cost of just one.

As per reports, Netflix Gaming is expected to be kicking off as soon as early 2022. The service will be allowing the users to play high definition games, right on their devices without any add-on consoles or additional accessories. This could cause to be a massive setback for costly consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo and the others.

Several companies such as Google are struggling to create a successful subscription based premium video gaming service. Netflix, however, is miles ahead, even before entering this competition. The streaming giant already has its vast base of members to introduce the new experience to.

Netflix Acquires Independent Video Game Developers Night School Studio

It must be noted here that while this format could provide a setback to consoles, gaming on a console holds a different appeal altogether. And as has been the case of Google, with its Stadia, online gaming platforms still has a long way to go. As is the case of Google’s Stadia, it continues to get mixed responses from the gaming community, as before, and hasn’t yet created its own mark, in any significant manner.

The online gaming market is growing exponentially. It is currently valued at approximately $ 300 billion, and is expected to grow even more, in the coming days. It is thus quite a lucrative time for the streaming giant to explore this new and ever increasing avenue.

Night School Studio, established in 2014, was founded by Sean Krankel, a senior game designer who had formerly worked at Disney Interactive along with Adam Hines, a lead writer who had formerly worked at Telltale Games.

In a statement that has been posted on Night School Studio’s site, Krankel has written that, the streaming platform has given “film, TV and now game makers an unprecedented canvas to create and deliver excellent entertainment to millions of people”, calling this a “natural pairing”. He further promised fans that they would still continue to work on Oxenfree II and continue with “cooking up new game worlds”.

It still remains to be seen how the streaming giant plans on executing the gaming services. However, we can expect more details about it to follow in the upcoming days. The gaming community is yet to react to the news. As of now, Netflix is introducing three casual games Card BlastShooting Hoops and Teeter Up to its members in select European markets. The games are currently available in PolandSpain and Italy.

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Source: Night School Studio