Netflix Adds 3 New Titles To Its Gaming Services On Android & iOS, Globally- Header

Netflix Adds 3 New Titles To Its Gaming Services On Android & iOS, Globally

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Netflix Gaming now offers Android and iOS users with a choice of ten different games, with more to look forward to.

It was only last month when Netflix made its gaming services available to its subscribers globally. Since then, the streaming giant has worked to introduce quite a few gaming titles for its Android and iOS users.

Initially, Netflix had launched the gaming service with two games based on its hit series Stranger Things and a few casual gaming titles. Following that, two new titles, Bowling Ballers and Asphalt Xtreme too got added to the list.

And now, Netflix has introduced three more titles to its growing list of games. The first of the three new titles that have been introduced, is a match three game called Knittens. However, what sets it apart from other match three games is that, on successfully completing the objective, the player will be able to dress their kitten.

Netflix Keeps Expanding The List Of Games It Is Offering, And Quite Swiftly!

Next up, is a mini golf game titled Wonderputt Forever. The objective of the game is to sink the ball into a unique hole, by planning their shots. And lastly there is Dominoes Café which includes a realistic game of dominos with a variety of challenges.

In addition to that, Netflix has also announced that it will be launching two more games, in the near future. The first one is single player, open world, card strategy game called Arcanium: Rise of Akhan. And the other one is Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story, a rhythm game that will have players bouncing to a beat which they defeat their enemies.

Netflix had earlier explained that it does not expect to directly earn revenue from its games and just provide its subscribers with another form of entertainment like its movies and shows do. And at present, these games are ad free, do not have any in game purchases, and completely free to download. However, to play these games, one needs to have an active Netflix subscription.

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