Netflix Games Arrives In India With 5 New Titles- Header

Netflix Games Arrives In India With 5 New Titles

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Netflix Games launches in India for Android users only.

Netflix Games Arrives In India With 5 New Titles- Inner- 1

Netflix had earlier last week, launched on its platform, its mobile games. The games are currently only available for Android devices alone. However, the company has assured its subscribers that the games will also be soon made available on iOS devices as well.

Lately, the OTT platform has lately been in the spotlight and has even been garnering much attention for its blockbuster title Squid Games, the South Korean TV series which has broken quite a few records on and for the platform. Many have even claimed that the title has, quite literally, saved the platform.

Netflix has now, brought to its users, Netflix Games. The service, although, is currently available only for Android users, heralds the streaming giant’s entry into the gaming industry. It is no secret, that the streaming giant had aspirations to enter the gaming market. The company had, earlier, hired veteran game executive Mike Verdu, former Vice President for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Content at Facebook. The company even acquired independent video game developers, Night School Studio.

How To Access Netflix Games

The service will be available for free to all with an active Netflix subscription, on all android devices. A dedicated Games Tab and a Games Row will be available when android users open the latest version of the application on their devices. Users will not have to download a separate application, to access these games. The games will be available for free. The games, however, will not be available on the Kids’ profiles.

Netflix Games Arrives In India With 5 New Titles- Inner- 2

Games To Be Available On Netflix Games

Currently, Netflix has made available for its subscribers a total of five new titles. These include Stranger Things: 1984, Shooting Hoops, Stranger Things 3: The Game, Card Blast and Teeter (Up). The games will be available in multiple languages for users, all across the world. Android smartphone users only need to go their user profile and they will be able to access the games from the dedicated Games Tab or the Games Row. Members can access Netflix Games on more than one device, as well. Netflix is even allowing its users to download some of the games for offline playing, as well. The games will arrange themselves on the Games Tab, as per the viewing preferences of the user.

Netflix Games will be available on Android devices as of now, on the Netflix application itself. However, it might be some time before the service rolls out for iOS devices. This might be because of the App Store polices, which are more stringent than Android’s Google Play Store policies.

Got An Android Device But Cannot Access Netflix Games?

Ensure that the Netflix application on your android smartphone is updated to the latest version. The service is available on the latest update. If your application is updated and you still don’t have access to the games, then all you can do is to wait for it to arrive on your device. It might be possible that the company is rolling the update in phases and your region hasn’t reached that yet.

Keeping true to its “no ads” promise, for its subscribers, the games on the platform; too currently feature no ads and does not require any subscription fee. The games are free to play. So, what are you waiting for, get your Netflix subscription and “let the games begin”.

It still remains to be seen how this new ventured fares for the streaming giant. However, so far, things look pretty good. Have you tried Netflix Games, yet? Let us know what you think!

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