A New Fortnite Movie Being Considered By Epic Games- Header

A New Fortnite Movie Being Considered By Epic Games?

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New Fortnite movie to be part of Epic’s Entertainment Expansion?

As of now, Epic’s Fortnite will remain unavailable on Google Play Store as well as on Apple’s App Store. The company is, as a result, currently embroiled in a massive lawsuit. Read more on the lawsuit here.

The removal of Fortnite from the platforms has resulted in the company in losing significant revenue. It might therefore very well mean that Epic Games is considering a feature film based on the game, to make up for some of its lost revenue.

It was first reported in The Information, that three of LucasFilm‘s former employees, Jason McGatlin, Chris Furia and Lynn Bartsch. Jason McGatlin was the former Vice President for Physical Production at LucasFilm.

As per the LinkedIn profiles of the executives, McGatlin was the executive producer for all the Star Wars movies that have been released under Disney’s banner. He is currently Epic GamesHead of Special Projects. Chris Furia is Epic GamesVice President of Production Finance while Lynn Bartsch is Epic GamesHead of Business Affairs.

A New Fortnite Game Might Be In The Works?

A New Fortnite Movie Being Considered By Epic Games- Inner

As of now, the Fortnite movie is currently only a theoretical idea and will be a part of Epic’s Entertainment Expansion. As per the report, the company is currently weighing on the merits and demerits of the project. Especially since Apple has clarified that it will not allow Fortnite back on the App Store until all the legal appeals between both parties have been settled.

While the project is theoretical right now but if one takes into consideration Fortnite’s affinity for crossover crosses over to the film, the possibilities would be infinite. The game is already pulling from some of the biggest brands in the world such as Star Wars, NFL, DC, Marvel, NBABalenciaga and much more already.

However, a film could also be an equally great opportunity for Fortnite to cultivate on its original story as well as its characters. The game is already serving new monsters, heroes as well as mysteries, for players, on an almost regular basis, every few weeks.

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Source: The Information