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New York Comic Con 2021: Our Favourite Cosplayers

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New York Comic Con was back again last weekend and we bring to you some of our favourite cosplayers.

The 2021 edition of the New York Comic Con was held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. The convention was back again after two whole years and the anticipation was high amongst fans.

While our geographical handicap, amongst other things prevented us from being able to witness the event live, we too were keyed up for it. We were glued to our screens all weekend, staring at all the elaborate costumes that fans had whipped up for the event.

The four day spanning event, which lasted from October 7, 2021 to October 10, 2021, was attended by enthusiasts and we got a glimpse into some of the best and the finest cosplayers the event had to offer. In addition to Insider’s coverage, the social media too was flooded with pictures and videos from the Javits Convention Center as well.

After a really productive weekend of looking at everyone having an absolute blast at the New York Comic Con, we bring to you some of our most favourite cosplays from the event.

A Glimpse From The New York Comic Con 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic and the necessary safety protocols had put a stop on all conventions and fan meets and it is only now that the events are coming back again with in-person attendance. The New York Comic Con 2021 hence was a highly anticipated event. It was only obvious that everyone pulled out all stops for the event.

The 2021 New York Comic Con happened with increased health and safety protocols. And several cosplayers very smartly included a mask into their outfits for the events. Take at look at some that we absolutely loved.

Cosplayer @jamal_johns attended the New York Comic Con as Scorpion and was photographed with @kofitnessnycosplay who had attended as none other than Peter B. Parker/Spiderman! Not much animosity spotted here, we think.

New York Comic Con 2021- Inner-Scorpio-Spiderman
Image: @jamal_johns and @kofitnessnycosplay

Next on the list, we have @thewizardtailor’s absolutely stunning and equally amazing cosplay of the all-time favourite character from the MCU, Doctor Strange. Isn’t it stunning? Head over to his Instagram page for some of his amazing cosplays. We totally dig this one!

New York Comic Con 2021- Inner-Dr-Strange
Image: @thewizardtailor

Since we are on the subject of MCU cosplays, we simply cannot miss out on this absolutely gorgeous take on the Spiderman nemesis, The Lizard by cosplayer @crashprojectcosplay. The cosplayer has documented the phases of how he has built up this costume, especially for the New York Comic Con. We loved the intricate costume made with so much love and devotion and if we may say so, it was quite adorably intimidating.

New York Comic Con 2021- Inner-Lizard
Image: @crashprojectcosplay

On the topic of intimidating, we had cosplayer @teddysher donning her Donna Beneviento attire for the event. She completed her get up with quite a horrifying humanoid bride doll and a veil that she may or may not have ditched (as indicated by her). We love this one and might adopt it for Halloween, this year.

New York Comic Con 2021- Inner-Donna-Beneviento
Image: @teddysher

Speaking of sassy ladies and beautiful cosplays, we have cosplayer @canshecraftit_cosplay who had amongst a host of other costumes, also chose to dress up as, in her words, “Punk Rock Queen Of Hearts”.  It wouldn’t be wrong to admit that she clearly ruled our hearts! And she looked extremely adorable in her all of her outfits for the New York Comic Con. Check out her other costumes on her Instagram page.

New York Comic Con 2021- Inner-Queen-of-Hearts-Alice-In-Wonderland
Image: @canshecraftit_cosplay with 'Alice In Wonderland'

Speaking of adorable, these two tiny tots chose to attend the convention as Samus and Megaman. And let us just say that there was little that could be more adorable than this. Images captured by @jecfett. Check out their Instagram page for more from their visit to the New York Comic Con.

New York Comic Con 2021- Inner-Mega-Man-Samus
Image Credits: @jecfett

Next on our list of adorable cosplayers, attended the convention, is a mother and son duo. Cosplayer @spidey_mom and her son had dressed up as Venom and Carnage. The duo looked absolutely amazing and perfectly adorable. We cannot get enough of the duo and we are sure you wouldn’t too once you check out their outfit for the New York Comic Con on @spidey_mom’s Instagram page!

New York Comic Con 2021- Inner-Venom-Carnage
Image: @spidey_mom

Talking of amazing, we loved @midwestavenger’s Superman. It was their first time at the New York Comic Con and it couldn’t have gotten better. We can only say that if an Avenger had to debut in the Justice League, we think, no one could have been a better choice than @midwestavenger!

New York Comic Con 2021- Inner-Superman
Image: @midwestavenger

Finally, one of our most favourite was the duo @gokuflex and @sandrawr who had chosen to cosplay Goku and Launch. The duo perfectly pulled of the look and we are digging it. Do check out their cosplay right here.

New York Comic Con 2021- Inner-Goku-Launch
Image: @sandrawr and @gokuflex

We think there were just too many amazing cosplayers and with a little help from the social media, we are getting to witness some amazing cosplays that walked the Javits Center for the New York Comic Con! The inner geek is bursting forth and with things moving towards a new normal, post the Covid-19 pandemic, we hope that we get to see more of such amazing cosplays, more frequently.

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