Pac-Man Community, A Brand New Co-op, Multiplayer Game Launches On Facebook- Header

Pac-Man Community, A Brand New Co-op, Multiplayer Game Launches On Facebook

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Pac-Man Community is a new co-op multiplayer based on the classic Bandai Namco arcade game. And you will be able to play with friends, right on Facebook.

The key feature of Pac-Man Community is that it will allow the up to three players to play Pac-Man. Players will be able to compete for the highest points as they work together to avoid getting eaten up by the ghosts.

Facebook users will be able to create rooms with friends, to play Pac-Man Community. They can also be invited by the streamers on Facebook Gaming, to join them, by using the Streamer feature by Facebook Play.

In Pac-Man Community, like in Mario Maker, players will not only be able to play Pac-Man but they will also be able to design their own customized levels. With the help of some creators’ tools, players will be able to make their own mazes, thus making for interesting players created levels, to look forward to.

Pac-Man Community Is Available On Facebook's Mobile & Desktop Apps Starting This Monday

Speaking of the game, Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg writes on his Facebook wall, “Pac-man is coming to Facebook Gaming! You’ll be able to play this classic game with friends, watch creators play, and build your own mazes. Gaming is a big part of the metaverse, and I’m looking forward to seeing games like this get more interactive and immersive”.

Pac-Man Community has been developed by Genvid. The company specializes in livestreamed interactive experiences. It is highly likely that with the introduction of this game, Meta is trying to indicate how it wants to expand the Facebook Gaming. From the looks of it, the game is the company’s smart first step into what could very well be the introduction of interactive gaming experiences.

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