Rainbow Six Siege Gets First Transgender Operator, Osa- Header

Rainbow Six Siege Gets First Transgender Operator, Osa

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There is plenty of reason to celebrate. Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege recently got its Crystal Guard season update. This latest update has left us all pleasantly surprised. The highlight of the update was the introduction of a new operator, Anja “Osa” Janković. With her entry, she becomes the first ever transgender operator to enter the gameplay.

While initially Ubisoft did not address Osa’s gender, the company later confirmed that she is indeed a transgender. The game, however, makes no overt reference to her being trans except for the lines in her background, speaking of her “transition”. The lines, speaking of her time at the University of Zagreb, read that she “found herself isolated due to her unorthodox approach and others’ attitudes towards her transition”.

Checkout Rainbow Six Siege: Osa's Gameplay

An engineering genius, there are several aspects about Osa that make her stand out in the Rainbow Six Siege universe. Besides being the architect for every gadget for Nighthaven, she has a transparent, re-deployable bullet proof shield that is waist high. The shield can be attached on surfaces such as windows, doorways or even the ground, making it one of those things that defenders could steal for.

In a conversation with GameSpot, writer Simon Ducharme said that the decision to have Osa as a transgender character was made very early on. This was done with the focus to make Rainbow Six have a more inclusive roster of operators. The consultants on the team responsible for writing were all trans people. Moreover, she was voiced by a transwoman and written by a queer person.

Rainbow Six Siege- Crystal Guard: Reveal Panel

Ducharme further states that while the creators wanted her to be presented as organically and aesthetically authentic as possible, they did not want her gender to be her only identity. Who she is and her worth is in the Rainbow Six universe is entirely her talents, her skills, her influence on Nighthaven, and her close friendship with Kali.

Osa’s inclusion in the Rainbow Six universe paves the way for more inclusive gameplays. The fanbase for the game is huge and it is nice to see that the company is acknowledging the need for including a more expansive casts that can represent the players in a better manner. It will also make way for even more trans writers and creators to write and voice more such characters. This was a very bold and very welcome move on Ubisoft’s end. And we hope to see more developers, in the future, to come forward and create the world of video games a more inclusive experience in the true sense of the term.

All You Need to Know: Rainbow Six Siege- Crystal Guard Update and Osa

Along with the addition of Osa, the Cystal Guard update has added a few more highlights to Rainbow Six Siege‘s gameplay. This includes the reworking of three of the game’s maps. This includes the Coastline, the Bank and the Club. Along with these there are some other adjustments included as well. This update comes as the third season of content during the game’s ongoing Year 6.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, developed and published by Ubisoft is an online tactical shooter game. It is available for Ubisoft ConnectXbox OneXbox Series X|SPlayStation® 5, PlayStation® 4Amazon Luna and Google Stadia. The Cystal Guard update will go live from August 17, 2021.

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