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Raji: An Ancient Epic Completes 1 Year On PC, PlayStation And Xbox

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Raji: An Ancient Epic was released on this day, a year ago!

Today is a big day, indeed! A year ago, on this day, Indian action adventure video game, Raji: An Ancient Epic was released for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

While it wasn’t the initial release of the game, since it was already available as a timed exclusive for Nintendo Switch, today is indeed a big day for the game’s creators as well as those who have spent their time on the game.

The developers, Nodding Head Games took to the game’s official Twitter account to thank the community who have stayed with them and the game, for the past year!

Raji: Ancient Epic Celebrates First Anniversary

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Developed on the Unreal Engine 4, Raji: An Ancient Epic, is a wonderful game that has beautifully incorporated the Hindu Mythology into its gameplay. The story follows young Raji, a circus performer, whose younger brother Golu, a young story teller, has been kidnapped from the circus they perform at, following a demon attack.

What follows is the young girl who sets out on a quest to find her brother. She is aided on this quest of hers by several gods from the Hindu Mythology. The premise of the game is essentially the Hindu paradigm of victory of good over evil. Players have to battle monsters, convince gods for their support all while helping the protagonist to locate her brother and the perpetrator of the demon attacks.

Developed by Nodding Head Games, a Pune based game development company, Raji: An Ancient Epic is a wonderful game that combines mythology with excellent gameplay. The game touches on the mythological aspects but beautifully retains its originality without becoming entirely reliant on it. We strongly recommend you to try out the game on a platform of your choice. The game is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One and PlayStation® 4.

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