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Red Dead Online Witnesses ‘Ghost Horses’!

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Red Dead Online players have been on an uproar since mysterious ghosts keep popping following the Blood Money update that the game recently received. This incident, first reported by Kotaku, over the weekend, has left players feeling baffled and confused.

To the uninitiated, Red Dead Online is a multiplayer, online action packed adventure game. Launched by Rockstar Games as the online component for the popular game Red Dead Redemption 2. The protagonist of the game is a man wrongfully convicted for murder, is freed from the prison and has to go on a quest to prove his innocence.

The Blood Money update, launched by Rockstar Games about a week ago added some new features, a few new missions to the game and a new Outlaw Pass that enabled a level up. However, this new update seemed to have, unintentionally, introduced a glitch. Soon after the update, players started reporting appearance of random ghost horses all across the map for the game. I am calling these horses ghosts since most of these horses spotted are all decked up in fancy saddles and have accessories like lamps on them, however, the riders are nowhere to be seen.

The funniest thing as reported by several players is that these horses are popping up randomly. They can sometimes be seen just standing there, sometimes they just drop dead and at other instances they are running amok, with no destination in side and toppling players, even. There has even been a confirmed case involving one such horse saving an out of control rider, dressed as like Fa*t Albert (I never claimed the world of video games wasn’t strange).

Theories abound in Twitter and Reddit regarding this mysterious happening. The most popular one seems to be that there must be a bug in the in-game stables. Some players reported seeing clones of their own horses while others have had their horses running out of the stables.


Another popular theory is that these horses belong to the players who went offline. Whatever be the reason, the world of video games never ceases to amaze. It is always one furore after another.


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Source: Reddit, Kotaku