GDC Summer 2020

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Here is a quick reminder that the registration period for digital event of GDC Summer 2020 ends tomorrow, Thursday 18th June at 12:15 PM (GMT +5:30) or Wednesday, 17th June at 11:59 PM (PST -7:00) So anyone interested in this game event can register now and claim your GDC summer pass at a good discounted rate.



As we all know, the Game Developer Conference is the biggest event dedicated to all the professionals associated with the video game industry.



This time GDC summer event will be a first-ever virtual game event that will take place from 4th to 6th August. The game event will be open to all game developers around the globe to build a relationship and to lead the industry forward.

GDC Summer 2020

GDC Summer Event Schedule is flexible and workable enough to accommodate many attendees from different time zones around the world. 


This means the Game Developer Conference has special features for the attendees to create their own event schedule according to their conveyance. As a result, all live session broadcast shall be archived immediately on the event site.

The GDC Summer 2020 Event Sessions:

  • Conference Session- Single or panel of speakers


  • Interactive Session- Skill-building shows/Ask Me Anything (AMAs)/ Roundtable discussions


  • Networking Session- Communication with leading game development companies


  • Special Events- Few game studios will pitch their games to investors and publishers

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