Mental Health Campaign

Safe in Our World Begin Mental Health Campaign

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Safe in Our World- One of the prominent charity organization of the U.K based gaming charity, is here with a ‘Mental Health Campaign’ to unite all video game companies for better mental health practice. This campaign is termed as #LEVELUPMENTALHEALTH and it brings together a number of game industry partners and publishers.


This program will promote positive change in terms of mental health concerns in the workplace and various social channels of the gaming community. Safe in Our World has included a ‘Mental Health Toolkit’ for game developers, publishers and other service providers to prioritize mental health at the forefront.

Check out the mental health campaign of Safe in Our World here:

Some of the companies who have partnered include Auroch Digital, Caged Element, UberStrategist, UKIE, Wired Productions, OPM Jobs, NeoHype, One PR studio, Mediatonic, Koeken Interactive, LKA, Curve Digital, Heaven Media, Explosive Alan, 505 Games, Camel 101, Fanatical, Genba Digital, Honest PR, NextGen Skills Academy, PressEngine, Renaissance PR, Seven Squared, Sold Out, Rethink Mental Health, Polystream, Network N, Sheridans, Take This, PressEngine.

Mental Health Campaign

All those businesses who want to join their hands with this campaign are asked to do three things:

  • To roll out mental health policy for the next 12 months.
  • Partner with Safe in Our World charity organization.
  • Spread the word to all video game creators and players through social media and in the workplace.


Spread the initiative by joining Safe in Our World campaign by supporting mental health for all the people associated in the gaming industry. Visit #LevelUpMentalHealth for more details.


Share your thoughts on Mental Health Campaign in the comment section.

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