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Shadow Warrior 3 Release Date Gets Postponed

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Shadow Warrior 3’s release has been pushed back, the latest trailer reveals.

Shadow Warrior 3 Release Date Gets Postponed- Inner

Game trailers are mostly launched to mark events of anticipation, for instance, the launch of a new game or even the announcement of the release date for a game. However, in this instance, Devolver Digital decided to go down the trailer road to announce that there is going to be a delay in the release of Shadow Warrior 3.

A trailer, released by the publishers, Devolver Digital, along with developers of the game, Flying Wild Hog, today, a while ago, broke the news to fans that Shadow Warrior 3 would not be making it for the initially expected 2021 window for its release.

A previous gameplay trailer for the game had announced that the game would be arriving for PC, Xbox One and PS4 on a tentative date in 2021. However, that does not seem to be the case anymore with this new trailer.

Shadow Warrior 3 Official Delay Trailer

The two people, who have been providing their voice over in this new trailer, stated no solid reason as to why this delay has occurred in the release. A tweet, however, from the game’s official Twitter channel states that “Shadow Warrior 3 is, like, 99% awesome, but it’s gonna be at least 120% awesome with a little more polish, so we decided to give it the extra bit of love that it deserves”. The tweet further states that the game could be expected to arrive in early 2022.

Shadow Warrior 3 will follow Lo Wang, a corporate shogun, along with his side kick Orochi Zilla, on their quest to recapture the ancient dragon that they had set free, against their will. Lo Wang must travel through never before chartered parts of the world, in order to track and recapture the creature, and avert a demon induced apocalypse, yet again.

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Source: Twitter/YouTube

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