Over 456,000 People Pre-Register For Silly World's Squid Game Inspired 'Squid Royale' Mode- Header

Over 456,000 People Pre-Register For Silly World’s Squid Game Inspired ‘Squid Royale’ Mode

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South Korean show Squid Game inspired Indian game Silly World, to introduce ‘Squid Royale’ mode.

Over 456,000 People Pre-Register For Silly World's Squid Game Inspired 'Squid Royale' Mode- Inner

Silly World, an online multiplayer game by Indian game development studio, SuperGaming has decided to introduce a Squid Royale mode, into its gameplay, after being inspired by the recently released and highly popular South Korean TV series Squid Game.

The makers took to Twitter to celebrate 456,000 registrations for the same, via a tweet from Silly World’s official Twitter account. The post simply reads “Are you 1 of 456,000?” An image in the post makes the claim that while only 456 players played the Squid Game, 456,000 have registered for Silly World’s Squid Royale mode.

Squid Game Inspired Squid Royale Mode To Arrive Soon On Silly World!

To celebrate the occasion, the developers will be giving away 456 million Gold, the in-game currency, to all of its pre-registered players. This will amount to a thousand Gold for all the players who have pre-registered.

The company stated that they would double the amount of free in-game currency give away, if the game crosses 750,000 pre-registers. It further stated that it would be giving away four times the amount if the pre-registers cross the one million mark.

In an earlier tweet via the game’s official Twitter account, the company had revealed, that the “Red Light, Green Light” level, which had featured in the first episode of Squid Game, would be a part of the game as well. However, it is as of yet unknown if the rest of the games that had featured in the remaining rounds of the show, such as Tug of War, Dalgona and the others would be a part of the game or not.

Silly World developed and published by Indian video games development studio SuperGaming, is currently available for Android and iOS. Android users can download the game, for free, from the Google Play Store whereas iOS users can download the same from the App Store.

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 Source: Twitter

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