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Sony Stops McDonald’s Anniversary Giveaway

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McDonald’s Australia turns fifty. And like all things McDonald’s this too was supposed to arrive with a bang. To mark its fiftieth year in Australia, the company announced a week-long event with several prizes up for grabs. McDonald’s announced a series of Twitch streams for the week-long event. These streams were supposed to feature several popular Australian streamers, showing them playing games like Mario Kart, FIFA’21 amongst others.

This event was supposed to go live on August 1, 2021. An extensive prize pool was announced for the viewers. This ranged from free channel subscriptions to 50th birthday special hoodies from McDonald’s. The main attraction of this giveaway was fifty lucky viewers had the chance to get their hands on customized PlayStation® 5 controllers. The custom made PlayStation® 5 controllers would have the iconic McDonald’s M along with fries and a burger, printed on its face. However, that was not be, and the event has now been put on hold indefinitely and the controllers that were of the prize pool, have been cancelled, as of now.

It seems there had been some miscommunication between McDonald’s and Sony, concerning the giveaway. Sony has been very strict about the production and sale of customized skins for its PlayStation® controllers. And in this case, it appears that McDonald’s had not taken prior legal permission from Sony. As soon as the later got news of the giveaway, it took rapid action in putting a stop to this.

In the statement released by McDonald’s Australia to Press Start Australia, the company stated that the stream stands, as of now, indefinitely postponed. Stating the reason for this delay, the company elaborates that “Sony PlayStation has not authorised the use of its controller in promotional materials related to the proposed Stream Week event”. It must be noted that the statement announced an updated prize pool and the PlayStation® 5 controller remained noticeably absent. We now wait for any notification concerning the event to arrive.

Watch ReviewTechUSA’s Video for More Insight into the Issue:

Keep watching this space for more updates on this as well as other upcoming events in the world of gaming.

Source: Press Start Australia

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