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SPG Racing Beta Tests to Go Live Soon!

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SPG Racing is the latest offering from our very own studios. And it gives us immense pleasure and joy to announce that the game will soon go live with its Beta Testing phase.

We have been writing about the games and game developers around the world and now we present to you a product of our love and labour. SPG Racing is a car racing game that will take you through stunning sceneries along an unnamed highway.

For the current phase of Beta testing, players will be able to play the first ten levels of the game. Presently, all the players will have access to two cars until first update. They can use these cars to race across the different tracks and progress through the levels.

A Glimpse from SPG Racing!

SPG Racing Beta Tests To Go Live Soon!- Inner_1

Developed as a mobile game, it will available for anyone who wishes to test the game during the initial stages, only on Android and iOS. We hope that with your active participation during the beta testing, we will soon be able to introduce more features, better gameplay and more complex levels. We are hoping that we will soon be able to launch the game for PC as well.

Your contributions, feedbacks and reviews are invaluable to us. They go a long way in helping us to come up with the best version of the game.

We promise that you will come across some stunning scenery and beautiful tracks as you race through the tracks. As they say, “good roads never made a great driver” we give you a chance to race your way to glory in our latest offering.

SPG Racing by Spawn Point Gaming is the fifth game developed by us, in-house. The game will be available for the Beta Testing on Android and iOS very soon.

Race Along Stunning Sceneries with SPG Racing!

SPG Racing Beta Tests To Go Live Soon!- Inner_2

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