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SPG Racing Open Beta Tests Goes Live!

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We are pleased to announce that SPG Racing, the fifth game we have developed so far, in-house, is officially live for the open beta tests. As the name suggests, the game attempts to bring to you the joys of online car racing.

At Spawn Point Gaming, we are a small team of game developers and gaming enthusiasts who love creating games. This time we bring to you yet another piece of our love and labour SPG Racing. The game is still under development and our aim for this open beta test is to get feedback from the end users, the players, and determine the direction the development of game is going to take.

Catch a Glimpse of SPG Racing!

SPG Racing Open Beta Tests Goes Live Inner 1

The current version of the game is available for download for Android on the Google Play Store. This version of SPG Racing will allow players to go through ten different levels and they will have access to two different cars. Currently, all levels are Time Trail based, for now. So get ready to race through a scenic highway, experience the changing weathers and the different times of the day.

Your contributions, feedbacks and reviews about the game are invaluable to us. It is these feedbacks that will help us coming up with the best version of the game. The beta version of the game is currently available for Android. We are working towards making it available on the Apple App Store soon, as well. 

The open beta tests for SPG Racing developed and published by Spawn Point Gaming is live on Android now!

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Catch a Glimpse of SPG Racing!

SPG Racing Open Beta Tests Goes Live!-Inner-2

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