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SPG Racing: Open Beta Updates So Far

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SPG Racing is now available for its open beta testing. The game is currently only available for Android on Google Play Store.

Based on the feedback that we have received, we are working on patches that are directed towards addressing the issues that are arising. Before going any further, we would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to each and every one who have tried the game and given us their feedback on their experiences while playing the game.

We are a very small studio committed towards developing immersive gaming experiences. Slowly, but definitely steadily we are taking up issues and addressing them as and when they are brought to our notice. We therefore, owe it to all who have taken the time to provide us with their feedback.

Following the release of the game, we have been tirelessly working on updates and patches to make SPG Racing a better game. Here we are with an overview of all that we are currently working on so far.

  • Optimisation. So far, our biggest concern has been optimization. This has been an even greater issue for our testers who use older version of Android. For our next build, we are currently working towards creating a more optimized version of the game. We are trying to reduce the size of the game without having to compromise on the game’s overall quality.

Optimising SPG Racing

SPG Racing Open Beta Updates So Far- Inner- Optimisation
  • Refined levels. Based on the feedback that we are receiving, we have started working on more refined levels. The upcoming build will be reflecting the same. We have also removed NOS (Nitrox Oxide) and now it will only be the raw speed and power of your car, accelerating you towards the finish line.

Removing NOS from SPG Racing's Cars

SPG Racing Open Beta Updates So Far- Inner- NOS_Nitrox Oxide
  • Tutorial Videos. Many of our users had been unable to get the hang of the present Career mode within the game. So we are also working to create an elaborate Tutorial Video for the game.
  • Open World: We are working towards implementing an Open World system in the game. This is our first attempt at doing something like this. Therefore, we hope that you will continue providing us with your valuable feedback so we can continue to refine it.

Working Towards an Open World In SPG Racing

SPG Racing Open Beta Updates So Far- Inner- Open World

SPG Racing by Spawn Point Gaming is the fifth game developed by us, in-house. SPG Racing is the result of our love and labour. We hope that you like playing it as much as we loved making it. We know that we still have a long way to go. But we hope that with your feedback and support, we will eventually get there.

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SPG Racing: Open Beta Updates So Far

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