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Squid Game Creator, Hwang Dong Hyuk Reveals Alternate Ending To Season 1

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Squid Game creator has recently revealed that the show had an alternate ending. SPOLERS AHEAD!

Squid Game Creator, Hwang Dong Hyuk Reveals Alternate Ending To Season 1- Inner 1

Squid Game could possibly be the biggest show on Netflix currently. Ever since its release, it has been the talk of practically almost everyone on the Internet. And if views and positive critique aren’t enough, the show’s popularity has been marked, in the true style of this generation, across all the memes inspired by it, that keep trending on a daily basis.

Anyone who has watched Squid Game will not forget its closing scene, any time soon. The finale sees the Player 456, a. k. a., Seong Gi Hun, has somehow survived the game, to its bitter end and emerged as the winner. However, he chooses not to board the plane that would take him back to his estranged daughter and stays back.

Hwang Dong Hyuk, the creator and director of the massively popular show that has been breaking chart records, since its release in September, 2021, has revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that Squid Game almost had an alternate ending. One which saw Seong Gi Hun board the plane to unite with his daughter.

Speaking about the ending scene, Hwang reveals, “We actually wrestled between two different scenarios for the ending“. He further states that, There was one, the other alternate ending, where Gi-hun would get on the plane and leave. And then there was of course the one where he would turn back and walk towards the camera. We constantly asked ourselves, is it really right for Gi-hun to make the decision to leave and go see his family, to pursue his own happiness? Is that the right way for us to really propose the question or the message that we wanted to convey through the series?

Squid Game Creator, Hwang Dong Hyuk Reveals Alternate Ending To Season 1- Inner 2

Hwang revealed that he chose to go with this ending of the show because, through it, he wanted to pose the question to his viewers that, “Why has the world come to what it is now?” He states that this could only be done with the choice that Gi Hun makes to turn around instead of going to pursue his own happiness. The ending scene has drawn much attention and left many viewers conflicted, as much as the entire show has.

Speaking about the upcoming second season of Squid Game, Hwang reveals, speaking through a translator, that they had considered letting Seong Gi Hun board that plane and pursue his own happiness. However, they later felt that this would not be an appropriate portrayal of Gi Hun’s character. And hence they chose to stick with this cliff hanger like ending for the show.

It is no big mystery to anyone that a cliff hanger ending always has a better effect on viewers, leaving them wanting for more in the future. However, with millions of viewers, the expectations are running quite high for the second season which Hwang reveals is in the early stages of developments.

With many fans speculating about what comes next and conspiracy theories running wild, the second season of Squid Game indeed has a lot riding on it. We too have some theories of our own and we just cannot wait to see how many of those actually hit the mark.

Squid Game is currently streaming on Netflix. And with the kind of attention it has been getting we hope that the streaming platform does not have a problem renewing it for another season.

Squid Game Is Now Streaming On Netflix

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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