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Squid Game: The South Korean Survival Drama Takes Netflix By Storm

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Squid Game becomes first Korean drama to achieve the top spot on Netflix as the most watched series.

Would you agree to participate in a playground game, if that promised to make you rich? While you think about whether you would take the plunge or not, you could take a look at the latest Korean survival thriller drama on Netflix, Squid Game. You can choose to tell us what you decide, after you’ve watched it.

Squid Game is the latest Korean drama on the streaming platform that everyone seems to be talking about. The show has as its premise a group of players, who have massive debts and have therefore signed by to participate in a series of games. The prize would be 45.6 billion won (approximately £ 28 million), in cash. The disclaimer being that if they lose, they get killed.

What follows is a tightly written horror thriller that is so gruesome in nature that you just cannot look away. We would like to put a disclaimer here that if you plan on starting with the show, it would be better if you watch it on an empty stomach, maybe.

The gruesomeness of the show could very well have added to the show’s appeal seeing how a vast part of the audience have grown to like and love such dystopic series such as The Hunger Games trilogy amongst others. The show has very intelligently tapped into the very real wealth inequality that is prevalent in South Korea and the growing interests surrounding gruesome video games.

The show’s analogy while at times appears to be quite overdone; it works successfully in capturing and retaining the audiences’ attention. In this regard, the show is quite close to yet another South Korean movie that throws light on the wealth inequality of the country and its class divides which led to a bloody consequence, the 2019 Oscar winning movie, Parasite.

Watch Squid Game On Netflix

The makers of the show have through some perfectly placed cliff-hangers and a very hooking premise made the show very binge worthy. Another highlight of the show would most definitely be its eclectic casting who brought the show to life, in its entirety.

The cast is led by Lee Jung Jae as Seong Gi Hun. He has a heart of gold but his addiction for gambling has led to him accruing massive debts. He is accompanied by his childhood friend and disgraced banker, who is on the run from the police, Cho Sang Woo who is being portrayed by Park Hae Soo. Jung Ho Yeon’s performance as Park Sae Byeok, as a resourceful pickpocket learning to place her trust in others, is yet another heartening aspect of the show.

Watching the motley crowd of debtors, as they play (quite literally) for their lives and a better life, makes you want to never stop watching,  till you’ve reached the very end. and once you do, you keep wanting for more. As the show keeps progressing, and backstories unfold, it becomes impossible to not put themselves in their shoes.

As the game progresses from one level to the next, the players are introduced to more and more dilemmas. Would you betray your friend for your life? And most importantly, the reasoning that playing this game for a chance to win that lucrative prize and escaping poverty rather than living a half-life without any dignity, is bound to pull at your heart strings.

Squid Game written and directed by Hwang Dong Hyuk is a South Korean survival thriller. The show premiered on Netflix on September 17, 2021. It is currently the most watched TV series on the platform, globally. It is also highly likely that it might very quickly become the biggest Netflix TV series, overtaking the Shonda Rhimes production Bridgerton a Regency based TV series, inspired by the works of the author Julia Quinn that premiered on Netflix on Christmas, last year.

Have you watched Squid Game yet? If you haven’t what are you waiting for?

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