STAYHOMER: The Video Game That Allows You To Disinfect ‘Anti-lockdown’ Protesters And Save Lives- Header

STAYHOMER: The Video Game That Allows You To Disinfect ‘Anti-lockdown’ Protesters And Save Lives

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STAYHOMER, an independent game on Steam allows players to disinfect their city, kill the “anti-lockdown” protesters and save the lives of the citizens.

STAYHOMER developed and published by Noto Muteki is an independent, casual, action game. The game released in June, 2020, has as its setting, the Covid 19 pandemic and the lockdown enforced by governments across the world to stop its spread.

The streets of Tokyo have been infected with the Fauci Flu. The government has enforced a lockdown to “flatten the curve” and to “save lives” of its citizens. However, a host of these citizens have come out on the streets to protest this move of the government.

The objective of the players in this three minute shooter game is to blast as many of the crowd as they can, and “disinfect” them. Based on the achievements of the players and the number of people disinfected, the game has three very different endings.

Trailer for STAYHOMER

As is evident from the comments section of the game on Steam, it has mostly been receiving positive reviews. It has in a manner allowed players to express the anger that they have against all those that have been flaunting the pandemic norms, no-maskers and the others.

Speaking from a psychological point of view, games such as this can go a long way in teaching the younger generation the importance of the norms that have been enforced to counter the pandemic.

At just ₹ 125 ($ 2.99), blast the “anti-lockdown” protesters, save lives and your city in this ultimate shooter game. Have you tried the game yet? Let us know your thoughts on the game in the comments below.

Full Gameplay of STAYHOMER

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Source: Steam