Steam Sets New Concurrent Player Record On Sunday, Crosses 28 Million- Header

Steam Sets New Concurrent Player Record On Sunday, Crosses 28 Million

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Steam crossed its previous concurrent player record, on Sunday.

It seems that Valve’s PC games storefront, despite rising competition, still remains one of the most the favourite go to destination for fans of PC gaming. And it seems like the platform has kicked off its new year on the perfectly right note, seeing how it is just going from strength to strength.

Ever since the start of 2020, when the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic was making its presence known across the globe, and governments were enforcing lockdown and quarantine protocols, Valve’s Steam has accelerated its growth, significantly. More and more individuals have since the start of the pandemic, resorted to gaming.

Steam’s incredible line-up of gaming titles, its multiple sales and the availability of some of the best PC games have all greatly contributed to the platform being the preferred destination for PC gamers, around the world. The numbers are proof enough. And it is clearly evident in the fact that the platform broke its highest number of concurrent player record, in 2021, quite a number of times, over a course of few months.

Steam Sets New Maximum Concurrent Players Active Record, Yet Again!

Steam Sets New Concurrent Player Record On Sunday, Crosses 28 Million- Inner

And if that was not enough, 2022 too started off on a great note for the platform, when just last week, Steam saw a peak in its maximum concurrent players with 27,942,458 players being active at the same time, thus breaking its own November 28, 2021 record by over five hundred thousand.

Now, many had felt that this peak could not be achieved, and that it would remain unbroken, for at least the next few months. However, the Steam community has surprised us, yet again.

The database site for Valve’s platform client, SteamDB, which provides important information associated with the platform’s storefront, games, analytics and much more has reported something astonishing. Amongst the information that the website provides about the platform, it also includes the total number of concurrent players. At around 9:00 AM ET (7:30 PM IST), yesterday, i.e., January 9, 2022, SteamDB reported that the platform had over twenty eight million concurrent players active, at the same time.

To be more precise, the platform had a total of 28,230,661 concurrent players that were active at the same time. This number is about three hundred thousand more than its previous record. It is even more remarkable to note that this has happened within exactly a week from when the previous record was set.

In the past few years, as more and more people have started taking up PC gaming, Steam has continued thriving. This in addition to the platform’s vast and expansive library of titles, remains one of the biggest reasons why it remains the go to place for most PC gamers. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the platform has witnessed massive growth and this growth has since then kept pace and expanded.

While players are spoilt for choices, from the tons of AAA games that release on the platform, on an almost regular basis, there are also a host of old games, such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Grand Theft Auto 5, Dota2 and much more that players keep going back to, which is evident from the platform’s most popular and bestselling titles. All of these reasons, together combined have contributed towards Steam being able to keep its players engaged and invested, despite the rise in its number of competitors and the platform constantly setting new maximum concurrent players active records.

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Source: SteamDB

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