Catch Valve’s Steam Deck Developer Event Tonight- Header

Catch Valve’s Steam Deck Developer Event Tonight At 11:30 PM IST Tonight

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Valve is holding a developer event for the Steam Deck. And you can watch it even if you are not a developer.

Catch Valve’s Steam Deck Developer Event Tonight- Inner

It has been known for quite some time that Valve would be holding a five hour long walkthrough demonstration of its upcoming handheld PC gaming device, the Steam Deck, on Friday, November 12, 2021 scheduled to start at 10:00 AM PT which means 1:00 PM ET or 11:30 PM IST.

Valve has now announced to the press that “anyone can watch” the five hour long tour of the Steam Deck. As per the initial announcement, it had appeared that “to participate”, one could only attend if and only if they were a Steamworks developer. However, the company has now clarified that it would only apply to the final QnA session that will be held. And here too, one can assume that it applies only if someone wants to ask a question and everyone present, Steamworks developer or no, will be able to watch it.

Valve To Hold A Developer Event For The Steam Deck Tonight

The five hour long conference will be inclusive of detailed discussions about the hardware, the games that will be available on the Steam Deck and how the Linux handheld console will, via a Proton compatibility layer, play Windows games. In addition to that, there will be detailed discussions on the AMD APU that will be powering the AMD itself. Moreover, there will also be tips for the Steamworks developers on how they can make these things work in their favour.

Valve has released the timeline and schedule for this five hour long conference on the Steam Store. You can check out the same, by following this link and plan accordingly the discussions that you want to attend. Please note here that the English version of the event will be broadcast tonight. The localized versions of the same will be released soon after.

Valve has recently announced that there will be a two months delay in the shipping of the Steam Decks. Despite initial plans to begin shipping small numbers of the console, starting December 2021, the plans have been pushed back by two months to February 2022. Read more about the delay here.

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