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Steam Upcoming Sales: Dates Leaked!

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One of the best perks of using Steam is that users have the chance to save big when buying games. Yes, you heard us right. We are talking about the periodic, and may we say, generous sales the video games platform keeps having. This includes the Publisher’s Weekends, Seasonal Sales and several others, in addition to the regular sales that the online games retailer keeps having.

So is it anybody fault that PC users often hold back from shelling out their money on new games the moment they are out. As the saying goes, “Good things come to those who wait”. And here, it comes in the form of good games, great deals and greater savings. However, the biggest problem with these sales is that no one knows when the next one is coming.

Fans run site Steamdb is here with an unofficial countdown and a list of “leaked dates” for the upcoming sales that will be happening on the platform in the coming months. The site also has an unofficial countdown in place that counts down the time until the next sale.

Upcoming Steam Sale Dates Leaked!

We bring to you a summarized compilation of all the upcoming Steam sales in ascending order, as listed on Steamdb. The first on the list is the Next Fest: October 2021. This one will last from October 1 to October 7. Next on the list is the Digital Tabletop Fest 2021: The RPG Edition. This will last from October 21 to October 25.

Three more sales are scheduled for this year. The sales have been listed as “Unconfirmed or Leak?” on the site (at the time of writing this). The first is the Halloween Sale 2021 that will last from October 28 to November 1. The next is the Autumn Sale 2021 that will last from November 24 to November 30. And finally the last (as of now) sale scheduled for this year, as suggested on the site, is the Winter Sale 2021. This will last from December 22 to January 5.

We hope that you find the games you have been waiting for. For more information on the upcoming sales we have listed here, head over here.

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Source: Steamdb

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