Supercell Announced 3 New Games in Clash Family - Header New

Supercell Announced 3 New Games in Clash Family

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One of the most popular strategic games’ creator Supercell® has announced that they are now working on 3 more games. These 3 new games will be a part of existing family of Clash of Clans Clash Royale. Clash Quest, Clash Mini & Clash Heroes are the name of the games. In their blog, they have claimed that these new games are different from each other.

Supercell® said,

“We want the community to know the different types of Clash games being worked on – these new games are nothing like prior Clash games. We want to focus on creating new ways of enjoying and playing with your favorite Clash characters, while deepening the world through new environments and gameplay experiences. That last part is key – we want to offer new ways of playing Clash and hope these games add on to your current gaming experience. Of course, there’s a chance you might not like these games – and that’s okay, it’s all good. We totally understand these are very different from Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. On top of offering a new Clash experience to current players, we want to broaden Clash to new audiences who haven’t experienced Clash before.”

Supercell Announced 3 New Games in Clash Family

Supercell Announced 3 New Games in Clash Family - 1

Currently, Clash Quest, Clash Mini & Clash Heroes from Supercell are in beta phase of development and are looking for user feedback.

You can apply sign up here to get the updates.

Source: Supercell Blog

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