The best online games to play during the lockdown

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COVID-19 has prompted everyone to stay at home and now people are looking to occupy their spare time by playing games during the lockdown. Quarantine has forced people to binge-watch shows, come together on face-time or try their hands on any past hobby.
Although staying home is a safe practice to protect yourself from the corona-virus but it is again important to notice that this social isolation may also reduce our mental and physical activity as well. 
Therefore, I advice you all to involve in fun gaming activities that will drive your quarantine time interesting and productive as high as possible.
So, are you ready to break the boredom of social distancing?
Are you looking for entertainment?
Then I advice you to consider gaming!
With the worldwide lockdown for who knows how long, playing games is the best choice for all to kill our quarantine days, as it will not only occupy our time along the way but will also definitely blow away the boredom created by isolation. 

How to Choose a Game?

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Games are all about creating fun tales! And picking up a game is always a task in itself. After all, there are huge genres of games to choose from. Video games as we all know, engage our mind and build a sense of learning as we progress through different levels in a game. One of the easiest ways to bring the most out of a game is when you have a clear idea of its game-play. And indeed, YouTube acts as the primary source for “guide”, “tutorial” and “walkthrough videos”.


There are three multitude of devices to play platform games.

  • PC/laptop
  • Console
  • And Mobile Phones


Games are also packed with various genres of games like action-packed adventure, puzzle, Racing, Sports, hyper-casual to challenging strategy games and more.


With such an ample of great games available online, how do you know which game is right for you?


Well below is some information that will help you choose the game that matches you best and keep you entertained!

Computer Games

Computer Games

Computer Games are more detailed and complex than mobile or console games. Steam is a perfect place to start for Windows and Mac games as it provides over 30,000 game titles that users can access. Other game platforms include Epic Games Store and Blizzard Entertainment, which give out free access to its exclusive games.


Google’s Stadia cloud gaming service is another suitable option for all game lovers who have a reliable high-speed internet network. As it supports you to play fast-action games on TVs and computers that can run the chrome browser.


Doom Eternal and Half-Life: Alyx are the gigantic PC games that are worth checking out. Meanwhile, the gorgeous game ‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ and ‘Call of Duty’ has gone with war-zone to check our nerves.

Top PC Games to play are:

Console Games

Console Games

As the next generation of video game consoles are already here, this is the best time to pick one of your favourite consoles for gaming. Sony has been always on the top list in consoles since 1994.


However, we must never forget to consider some important factors before picking up a console like; large game library, compatibility, HDR quality, VR capability and amazing gamepad. Playing with hardware is always fun as they have access to very well-known game titles and are technically more powerful.


From the buzzing PlayStation 4 Pro, PS4, Xbox One to Nintendo’s Switch, I’ve picked the best video games you can play across every console available.

Here are some video games to play during lockdown:

Mobile Games

Mobile Games

Mobile games are one of the most desirable sources of income worldwide, right up to the moving market for phones and tablets. Such outstanding art of mobile games come with a mix of exciting action and enticing visuals. Other choices for playing hundreds of games titles include Apple Arcade ($4.99 a month, or $49.99 a year), Nintendo’s switch and more.


The classics like the Legend of Zelda and current trending games like PUBG and Fortnite are the games I suggest all to try your hands on. 

(Heavily recommended for the people who loves intense action)

Here are some of my favourite mobile games which I recommend:


For those people who are quarantined together, modern spin to the board games is the perfect option to play with your friends and family. It is hugely entertaining and not too challenging for gaming newbies. The only thing you need is your-smartphone.


Board games remind me of old party games, the same laughter and a touch of Indian home treats. It’s chaotic yet fun always (LOL). No matter whichever room we were in, it became our playfield. It’s time to make the magical connection again.

Popular Board Games to play in this quarantine are:

Ludo is one of the ideal game to play during the lockdown and I bet that most of you have played this game in your childhood. It is a pass and play strategy board game that can be played by two, three or four players. Nowadays, online platforms have given the option for five and six players as well.


A perfect game wherein a player’s decision-making skill dominates his/her luck. Well, the only trick which I would like to share is to ‘Think-Rethink-Run and Play’. Ludo game is entirely dependent on a dice roll where each player races their four coins from start to finish. The winner is the player who reaches the finish with all their 4 coins.

Fact- Ludo is derived from the Indian game ‘Pachisi’ which is believed to played by the Mughal emperors.

It is a popular card game that is meant for every age group. You will easily fell in love with this game as you start playing it. The only goal is to be-fast ‘the quicker you are with the cards; more is the chances of your win. Shuffle the cards thoroughly and let every player get a set of cards.


And Yes- don’t forget to yell “UNO” when you are all set to throw your last second card or you will be in trouble and face penalty.

Fact- UNO is a Spanish word for” One”. It is available in more than 80 countries around the world.

This game is played between two armies which offer you amazing strategy game experiences and strengthen your brain muscles. The chessboard is laid with squares of light and dark colours with pawns, rooks, knights, bishops, queen and the king. The purpose of this game is to take a possible move to checkmate opponent’s king.

Fact- Chess has been around for more than 1,000 years. And the longest game that lasted was of 269 moves but ended in a draw.

This game is almost a decade old, and the only people i know still loving this game are my mum’s friends (Pheww). I personally enjoy this game as this game requires no skill. This is a very entertaining game that can be played in groups. Here every player needs to have at least one set of the ticket to start the game. It is all about plotting the numbers on your ticket and when all the numbers in your ticket get checked before others, you’re the winner.

Fact- The American Tambola variant is called ‘Bingo’

I would say this game is good for passing the time with kids, family and with everyone who want to roll up in the game of words- “Scrabble’ still works best to advance your word skills. The catch of the game is to form meaningful yet humorous words by placing tiles one by one. All you need to have some really random witty skills of making words.

Fact- If all the Scrabble tiles are lined up, they will stretch for more than 50,000 miles.

It is an instant free hand word drawing game in which each player on his/her turn choose a word among all other options and starts drawing. The other player has to guess what the word is by merely observing the drawing. A player is rewarded by points depending on how easily they identify images. Knowing how awful your friends are at drawing this game results in laughter all around.

Fact- is popularly called an online Pictionary game.

In these times of uncertainty these games are perfect to relive happy memories with friends and family once again. Tell us what games you have planned for the week in the comment section?


Spawn Point supports work from home policy and we urge everyone to practice it. It is said that- ‘When we enhance and polish our own skills, we feel more confident about ourselves’ So, instead of dwelling what might happen next in lockdown, we all should focus to reflect who we are and work on the things that is most important in life.


And don’t forget to remember you are not alone; we will get through this difficult time together!


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