Game Workers Unite

The Dispute in Game Workers Unite

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The dispute in Game Workers Unite continues. Now many of its local chapters are considering to separate from the GWU organization. And the UK branch is the first to potentially make a decision for the separation.

There was news of racist conduct by the members of the team and recently Game Workers Unite released a statement that apologizes for the behaviour or conduct that has caused all the harm. However, the statement was officially referred to as Marijam Didzgalvyte, the former chair of the committee.

The Game Workers Unite UK is currently handling this situation by conducting its own investigation on the misconduct that has happened. The International organization stepped out and apologized for this code of conduct and accept the failure of communications.

Responding to Jayant’s statement, GWU also said that they will not tolerate such conduct in the future and is bound to take strict actions. Now, the committee is planning to unionize the game Industry. For this, they will reorganize the structure of international and local groups. It will also include an anti-racist committee for the people of the black community.

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