The Haunted PS1 Showcase Retro Spook Fest EEK3 To Return On Friday - Header

The Haunted PS1 Showcase Retro Spook Fest EEK3 To Return On Friday

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Haunted PS1 Showcase is back again to spook you good with the EEK3.

October has hardly rolled round the corner and the spook factor is already up and roaring. To herald the spooky season in a manner that is proper and fitting, a frightful and steady stream of retro spook titles will be surfacing, quite literally. Amongst them includes the classic spook fest EEK3.

The Haunted PS1 holds significant importance for the recent and much welcome rise in the number of lo-fi, crunchy indie horror games that are currently flooding Steam and Itch. The complete line-up for the event is yet to be announced, several developers have teased their inclusion in the showcase.

The Haunted PS1 Demodisk 2020 Trailer

The line-up for last year’s Haunted PS1 showcase was pretty packed up with quite some bangers. While horror was mainly the theme that was prevalent in the games presented, not every one of them was outright scary. Some of the highlights were Lorn’s Lure, a dread filled game which is also probably one of the best first person platform game that is available out there. Cellular Harvest, which is not only a gorgeous take on Pokémon snap, but also quite a grim one, as well.

While there were a slew of games that dominate the summer showcases, at this point, it cannot be denied that October most definitely belongs to indie horror game developers. And it will not be wrong to assume that the screams that Haunted PS1 showcase’s retro spook fest is sure to be spine tingly and might elicit a few screams as well.

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