Valheim Hearth and Home to Get a More Flexible Food System Update- Header

Valheim Hearth and Home to Get a More Flexible Food System Update

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Fans of the immensely popular open world survival game, Valheim will have something exciting to look forward to. You can always trust the video gaming world to lift up your spirits and keep you on your toes at all times. This is exactly what happened when Iron Gate Studio teased the latest update for Valheim Hearth and Home.

Ever since the Early Access Release earlier in February, 2021, the game has been gaining serious traction amongst its players. The developers, Iron Gate Studio, have been building up towards the release of Valheim’s first major content pack, namely, Hearth and Home. In a recent spotlight video details emerge of what can be expected from the update.

Valheim Hearth and Home to Get a More Flexible Food System Update

Being a survival game, food forms a very integral part of the game. The makers are therefore focusing on how better to implement it. And it seems they have found a way out. In the teaser video for Valheim Hearth and Home, we could see that the Food Bar next to the Health will not be present. This will now be replaced by a series of icons that will be showing the active food players currently have access to.

The food items will be divided into three categories. The ones that will give more stamina than health will be indicated by yellow forks, ones that give roughly equal amounts of stamina and health will be indicated by white forks and the ones that give more health than stamina will be indicated by red forks. Also, a timer beside the food will notify the players how long the food will last them.

For the next video, Iron Gate Studio plans to focus on how the players’ choice of food will help them in performing the different tasks, within the game and how it could affect their combat styles. Valheim Hearth and Home is supposed to come within this quarter, so we can hope that it will be out this September.

Valheim developed by Iron Gate Studio is available on Steam for Windows and Linux.

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